Galeon Rother Löwe 1597

The first "Red Lion" was a Galleon which was built in the Netherlands 1597.. George William was the father of Elector Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Prussia, the later "Great Kurfüsten (geb.1620, government in 1640, died 1688). She bought in 1601 by the Council of Königsberg on account of the Elector of and then used from 1601 to 1607 under the command of Captain Peter Hintze in Pillau as guard ship. The exact dimensions of this galleon are not known. However, on the one hand, considering specific weight of 240 tons and the comparison with other ships and their construction, can be concluded that the ship from the bowsprit to stern was about 28 feet long and 8 meters wide. On the lower deck, they were reinforced with 12 iron cannons, 4 guns to launch stone balls on the deck and 2 other for the retreat - 4 culverins. In 1608, the galleon rode a freight timber to Lisbon, where it was sold with cargo.

The second Roter Löwe was a frigate warship of the Electorate of Brandenburg fleet. It was built in 1678 in the Zeeland, one Netherlandish province. In the years 1679 and 1681, the frigate took part in expeditions against Spain and Hamburg, and was involved in the battle off Cape Saint Vincent (Portugal) on 30 September 1681. From 1682 to 1684 the ship was first in Glückstadt, before it was moved to Emden. As part of the colonial expansion of the Great Elector, the frigate was involved from 1685 to 1687 under Captain Cornelius Reers to the voyages of the Electorate of Brandenburg fleet to West Africa. They captured the fort led by Arguin and numerous trips to the West African possessions Electorate of Brandenburg. repairs of worn and damaged parts were necessary and were made in 1687 in Amsterdam, before the Red Lion on 31 July 1690 in Emden was eventually sold.


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